Ultra Wide Marker

Ultra Wide Marker is an old school marker. I'm not really sure if it's still available or just a icon of our past, reminiscence of old school hip-hop culture. It was sold with no ink, and it had two different nibs: hard  (for real men!) and soft (for pussies!). This is for sure the most respected marker ever known.
As you can imagine this was never designed in first term for tagging or vandal techniques, but it works simply great. That typographic flows are simply sick. And you could say there has been some other markers that looks even cooler than this, but it's obvious where did they copied the idea...
One of the not-so-cool things are the form of the container, I know it's not easy to handle but you'll still love it! Believe me.
In my opinion, the only things that won't make me buy one is the high cost (very probably due to non-fabrication of this product). If you like risks, maybe you could be a bit lucky on ebay...

Anyways, enjoy the weekend ;-)