Comic Sans: the Documentary

Comic Sans: The Documentary Teaser Trailer from scott hutcheson on Vimeo.

ABOUT THIS PROJECT (From Director Scott Hutcheson)
This will be my 2nd kickstart campaign to get my documentary about Comic Sans off the ground and funded. This time around I have done more strategic planning, already purchased all my equipment and have eliminated the need for a large budget. This time around we will be successful.
With Comic Sans being used represent the champions of the prestigious Copa del Rey, it is more important than ever to educate people on the use.
We have the creators of bancomicsans.com behind us, as well as world famous artist Shepard Fairey and with your help we can convince Vincent Connare to get on board as well…which is helpful since he created the font for Microsoft.
The funds will be used to cover travel expenses for 1 month while we travel to film the biggest designers in the world about Comic Sans.